River Source supports people living as good stewards of their watersheds by providing watershed science and policy education, planning, monitoring, ecological restoration and adapting to climate change

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Sampling of River Source Activities & Outcomes on the eve of 20 year anniversary

River Source turns 20 years-old next year. We want to share a few of our recent accomplishments in watershed education and watershed conservation that we've accomplished with amazing partners -- click here to see some recent photos of youth in action and pre-post photos of erosion control and raingarden work!

Teaching Substance & Experiencing the Life of Water - guest blog by Elise Sibley Chandler

To learn about a substance, primary contact is the best pathway. Elise leads the way and provides activities for experiencing the life of water through her art and activism. Check out her cool perspectives and a few activities here.

From The Blog

Learning Substance: Experiencing the Life of Water by Transmedia Artist Elise Sibley Chandler

trickle ripple chirp swish squawk peep crackle crunch babble bubble whirl swirl swoosh spatter On a walk to the Santa Fe River we encounter the substance permeating our existence: water.  The river is being opened up and repopulated with life; trails make it more accessible and it is increasingly safe in the public’s eye. In […]

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Reoccupying the Santa Fe River

Living next to the Santa Fe River, I get to walk it nearly every day with my family and dogs.  And in the last couple of years I get to work in it nearly as often. Like an old friend, my relationship has deepened over the years so I’ve come to know it, both the elements […]

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Part 2 of 3: Getting real about river restoration on the Santa Fe River

When I started intensive work on the Santa Fe River in 2007 I was a relative newbie to the practice of fluvial geomorphology.  And yet I soon found myself running laser-level surveys and coordinating a team including some of the best in the business of innovative and proven practices in stabilizing river banks, reconnecting incised […]

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Learning lessons on river restoration – geomorphic stability of Alire to Frenchies @ Rio Santa Fe

I present a series of blogs in 3 parts: 1st = how did we get here, 2nd = what is happening now, and 3rd = what is suggested for increasing ecological health and park values. How did we get here (1 of 3 parts).  I’ve been bothered watching a section of river degrade in my neighborhood, […]

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