Employment Pathways to Green Jobs

River Source offers a new set of resources for seeking, finding and securing work in water, wildlife, renewable energy and land management starting in 2017 using a small seed grant secured from the Frost Foundation.  We will provide direct support for writing resumes, cover letters, job seeking tips and a listing of paid and unpaid internships in 2017 on this webpage under development.

2015 & 2016 Summer Mentorship with San Felipe Pueblo

We are honored to work with San Felipe Pueblo’s Department of Natural Resources with seven interns on land that was recently returned to the Pueblo in the San Francisco Creek watershed.  The interns provided crucial work doing water quality measurements, estimating the discharge from floods, removing non-native plants, improving trails and doing erosion control.  River Source takes the Pueblo’s requirement of confidentiality very seriously which keeps us from sharing very much information about the experiences from the work

2014 Mentorship with Cochiti Pueblo

We are honored to work with Victoria Atencio and Tyler Quintana doing geomorphological studies of key fluvial features of several flood plains including the lower Santa Fe, Cochiti Canyon and Peralta Canyon and helping with many other important tasks…. great stuff with awesome interns Victoria Atencio and Tyler Quintana.

Click here to read Victoria’s first blog entry

Click here to read Tyler’s first blog.  🙂

2013 Mentorship with Cochiti Pueblo

In 2013 we worked closely with Cochiti Pueblo and Kai-t Bluesky of the Department of Natural Resources to help them undertake several projects including a focus on cultural and ecological restoration of the Santa Fe River.  We were honored to work with Arielle Quintana, Cameron Quintana, and Tamarah Padilla-Martinez on pole planting native trees, maintaining a tribal fish hatchery, monitoring water quality, spreading native seed (from Miguel Santistevan), mapping an illegal dump and assessing erosion in Peralta Canyon.  Arielle has since declared her college major as Restoration Ecology due in part to the impact of the internship.  She wrote in her blog entry that the internship, “has opened my eyes to a very vast and complicated field, but it is a field that I know I want to be a part of thanks to this internship.”

2012 Mentorship with Santa Clara Pueblo

We started a mentorship program in 2012 with 2 youth working in partnership with Santa Clara Pueblo Department of Forestry.  This was an honor to work with Jenyce Baca and Nathaniel Naranjo to build their capacity to make a livelihood in watershed science and ecological restoration.  Nathaniel went on to be a park ranger for Abibuqiu Lake and Jenyce has gone on to college at the University of New Mexico.


Our work included building over 80 1-rock dams to harvest water and reduce extreme flooding in the area impacted by the Las Conchas fire.  We also did  monitoring of riparian areas and benthic macroinvertebrates and mapping and removing noxious weeds.

In the coming year we hope to continue this project if we successfully raise funding.  Our current plan is to work in partnership with Cochiti Pueblo on restoration work on the lower Santa Fe River.  Please come back to this page for more information in the coming months!


updated January 29, 2013


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