We are excited to announce that our applications are open for the 2024 Watershed Academy Summer internship!

What? Five crew members (age 14-19) and one crew leader (age 19-25) will be chosen in five different locations to participate in PAID learning.  We will have watershed science, ecological restoration, outdoor recreation, and wildlife habitat improvement experiences.

Work-Learn Activities may focus on:

Where? In five different northern New Mexico communities (Las Vegas/Mora, Pecos, Peñasco, El Rito and Santa Fe)! You will get the chance to travel deep into the forests and to rivers near the communities.

Why? By joining the Watershed Academy, you not only get a chance to be outdoors but you get to learn high level skills in restoration ecology and watershed management. If you have a passion for outdoors, wildlife, forestry or other environmental fields, this learning experience gives you a chance to learn how you can create a career out of that love. If you’re not sure, you can try it out and see if it is for you and learn to do something different. Get paid to make a difference in your environment and for your land. All the learning you do will directly contribute to the healing of the Earth and protection of your own water and land.

When? This internship will be a four week long job. 168 hours total starting this summer. For most days we will begin at 8:00 AM and end at 4:30 PM but on some weeks we may be together for longer days for 4 days per week.  Each crew will start and end on different dates (see announcement).


To find out more details and apply, click on your area

Santa Fe: Click here

Pecos: Click here

Las Vegas/ Mora: Click here

El Rito: Click here

Peñasco: Click here

How to apply

To Apply as a Crew Member: https://forms.gle/twinB2f7Bj1xHevw9

To Apply as a Crew Leader: -https://forms.gle/wozm67cuCqrhdA2Q8

Thanks to the NM YCC for funding this project along with the New Mexico Outdoor Equity Fund!