Photo of Rich smallRiver Source was started in 1997 by Rich Schrader to initiate watershed resilience projects with significant public participation for long-term and community-based stewardship as an outgrowth of his learning at University of New Mexico’s Community and Regional Planning Program. Initially a sole proprietorship, in 2004 River Source became a mission-driven S-corporation that has been supported by a long-term fiscal sponsor that is a 501c3 non-profit educational organization. Rich has designed and implemented restoration projects and set-up ecological monitoring with private and public landowners on well over 100 sites throughout New Mexico.

Climate disruption presents a tangible threat to communities across the world in terms of food insecurity, natural disasters, loss of traditional ways of life and habitat fragmentation. Increasingly variable rainfall patterns are affecting the supply of fresh water, as we see streamflows averages decreasing in the Rio Grande River. In Santa Fe where River Source is based, people, government agencies and entrepreneurs are scrambling to find strategies to increase watershed resilience. River Source provides education, research, and community services to build capacity and then retreat to a supportive role for community-based “green teams”.

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Carlos Herrera wears many hats for River Source as the Operations Director since 2011.  Leveraging his Bachelors in Science from NM Highlands University and science work across northern New Mexico mountains, he does data collection, ecological restoration, and teaching in the field.  He manages data and helps write reports in the office. He has a passion for being outdoors and getting kids outdoors.  He also is a skilled drum maker and willow basket artisan that loves to share

David Fay brings a passion for powerful therapy offered by the great outdoors to connect people with nature and place.   His years of experience leading wilderness journeys for hundreds of youth combines personal growth and natural resource science and stewardship skill – building.  He spends as much time as possible getting connected with and inspired by nature. 

Marques (Marq) Gallegos recently joined River Source as an intern and quickly took on video production tasks including direction, editing, and acting.  

Other people that work with River Source include Bill Zeedyk, Van Clothier, Craig Sponholtz and Aaron Kauffman . We also work with conservation partners such as Alan Hamilton, Toner Mitchell, Steve Harris, Garrett Veneklasen, Moises Gonzales, Miguel Santistevan, Jeremiah Kidd, Reese Baker, John David Blagg, Mary Stuever, Demis Foster, and many more

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