What can we do to make a difference in our world when we see problems?  Once we see the world from the eyes of a person made aware of pollution, excessive erosion, and ecological and human problems we want to take action!  Here are some tools to make a difference.

Five steps for Making an action plan

River Source has developed a 5 step action plan to guide adults and youth through the process required for researching, developing, implementing, and reporting successful change in environmental issues. 

Click here for Making an action plan

Ways to Improve Your Watershed from Center for Watershed Protection 

Click here to find 10 ways to make a positive difference in your watershed. 

 Pole planting and re-vegetation hand out

Click here to download a hand out that can be utilized to provide guidance when performing pole and revegetation of wetlands and riparian areas. 

An Introduction to Erosion Control by Bill Zeedyk & Jan-Willem Jansens 

A great guide to hands-on actions to reduce erosion and harvest water

Open Source (free!) map data and mapping tools

National Science Foundation Open Topography

Additional resources for youth to take action

River Source has compiled a list of other websites and resources that can aid in developing  an action plan.  Includes information on educating and researching environmental issues to projects that adult and youth can do in your own communities to cause successful change. Click here for Additional resources for youth to take action