My interests in environmental conservation

My name is Tian Sandoval and I am from San Felipe Pueblo and the Zuni Tribe. My interests in environmental conservation have led me to participate in the youth internship with River Source. I recently graduated from Santa Fe Indian School and I am now pursuing my goals in environmental ecology and restoration.   The River […]

My First Internship and Public Presentation

My name is Elka Graves and I am from Tres Piedras, NM. I attend Mesa Vista High School and am soon entering the 10th grade. This summer I worked as an intern for River Source and the experience was great. I learned a lot about ecosystem management. I first learned about this opportunity during a […]

My Summer Experience … Tyler Quintana

Yoo!.. I’m Tyler Quintana from Cochiti Pueblo; I am a farmer and an outdoorsman. Participating in my traditional practices helps me understand the importance of our environment. I’d like to have a career in the natural resources to try and restore the Rio Grande and Santa Fe River that flow though my pueblo. I also […]

2014 River Source/Cochiti Internship by Victoria Atencio

Hi, my name is Victoria Atencio and I am 21 years old, from Santo Domingo and San Juan Pueblo.  I am a Junior at New Mexico State University studying Wildlife Ecology. Every year since my freshmen year in high school, I have participated in the Tribal Youth Environmental Summer Camp (TYESC) that is hosted by […]

What I learned working with River Source- Cameron Quintana

My name is Cameron Quintana, I am from the Pueblos of Cochiti and San Felipe. This summer I was involved in a summer internship through an organization run out of Santa Fe, NM called River Source. Upon first entering this internship I had no clear details of what we would be doing other than working […]

What I learned with Cochiti Pueblo-River Source internship by Tamarah Padilla-Mtz

McCune Internship The first week of the internship I had learned a lot. I learned about what types of invertebrates should be in the Rio Grande to determined if the water is good or not. In Santa Ana Pueblo, We found that there were damselflies, dragonflies, mayflies, caddis flies, larvae and more. There are three different […]

Water forum TamarahP. Sfis.

Although i was unable to go to the confrence. The one thing that interests me from watching the video was that there are different ways to get rid of all the bacteria and chemicals in things. I found out that you can use earth worms or mushrooms to get rid of the bacteria. This shows […]


All the panelists who participated in the Youth Water Forum 2013 provided me with information not only related to water rights and policies, but efforts of conservation. There are efforts of conserving waste water and filtering out the harmful and toxic chemicals and materials; there are efforts of participating in the legislative part of water […]

Water Forum

Every one of those panelist that participated had a lot to say, they all had very important information to give us. Each question that was asked was a very good question. Each panelist was able to give us knowledge about that subject and give us different answers to each question. Each answer was different but […]