The Unknown Side of Nature

Hello, my name is Catrina Garcia and I experienced a lot at this internship with River Source. I learned how to use mapping and learned how to identify plants. Like which ones were noxious weeds. Like musk, bull thistle, and chicory. The main noxious weeds we saw were thistle. The way we identified plants was […]

Problem Solving in the Upper Chama SWCD

Hello, my name is Robert Esquibel. I go to school at Pecos Connections Academy and I’m in 9th grade. I worked for the Upper Chama Soil and Water Conservation District and River Source this summer. They took us to a lot of different places, taught us about plants and we learned how to identify them. […]

The Future of Natural Resource Monitoring

Hi my name is Anashay Esquibel. I am a freshman at the Pecos Connections Academy. I am an intern here at the Upper Chama SWCD and River Source. My job description includes taking coordinates, identifying noxious weeds, and giving recommendations and solutions for landowner/land managers’ noxious weed problems. The responsibilities I received when I became […]

Noxious Weeds: Growing as a Field Scientist

I’m Alexia Garcia and here is what I learned. We identified plants like the Musk thistles, Canada thistles and other plants. The majority of the landowners up north had a lot of thistles; the main thistles that we spotted was Canada thistles, bull thistles and musk thistles. The internship was very fun and interesting. I […]

Our Week Reconstructing El Rito Campground

Hello my name is Estrella Weikel and my internship with River Source has been an adventure so far. We have accomplished and learned so many things these past two weeks. Coming together and working as a group with the other interns was just a blast. On our first day of the reconstruction on the campsite […]

Nathaniel Lucero’s Blog

I applied for the river source internship because I love agriculture and wanted a chance to make a difference at the El Rito campgrounds. My Friends/Colleagues were Arron Lucero, Elka Graves, Brandon Sandovol, and Estrella Wiegel. Our Supervisors/Teachers were Victor Jaramillo, Carlos Herrera, Rich Schrader, and David Fay. The first thing we did was orientation. […]

A Career in the Outdoors: Building Health, Equity and Sustainability

My internship with River Source has been an adventure so far, we have accomplished and learned so many things this past two week. Coming together and working as a group with the other interns was just a blast. On our first day reconstructing the campsite in El Rito we did water sampling for e coli, […]

Working Hard for Restoration of El Rito Campground

Here during my time with River Source, I’ve learned and experienced some fun and also some more difficult tasks and jobs. I worked with River Source during the summer of 2021. River Source is a small company that specializes in watershed research, restoration, and education throughout New Mexico. Our main goal was to study a […]

Digging in to Restore El Rito Campground

Hello, I’m Arron Lucero. The reason why I joined River Source is because I wanted to help with restoring a campsite and help with water quality testing. We had ideas to restore the campsite and clean it up. We also had to do the water quality testing and I had experience last year so I […]

Developing Grit and Determination to Keep our Watersheds Clean and Healthy

What is River Source? River source is an organization that works with many people around the state to help keep our watersheds clean enough for us to drink, irrigate, and fish. These internships that River Source runs provide a great learning source for teens who want to know more about where their water comes from […]