Prospectus for Investors
Core Data to Information Upgrade for Wetland and Watershed Monitoring and Protection
For Citizen Science on Public, Private, and NGO Conservation Lands

By River Source, Oct 2017

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In 2008 River Source developed with a diverse group of partners including academic, agency, and national / regional NGOs to create a common currency for tracking the health of  wetlands and watersheds in New Mexico. Two IT contractors bid on the job with the lowest cost bidder selectected.  River Source is now going back to the contractor that was not selected in 2008 and is still in business, Vertices LLC, to upgrade the website, build critical new capacities with 2 smartphone apps and refreshed desktop interface, add widespread GIS mapping capabilities and on-going security and upgrade services in a second maintenance phase.  The project will radically transform citizen science, NGO and agency capabilities to assess land and water health, develop inventories of conditions, and track progress in ecological restoration.

River Source and Vertices will leverage our partnership with River Network and numerous regional watershed groups in creating the upgraded data-to-information tool.  We will also host a data sharing charrette with NGO and agency data generators and users prior to finalizing the agile design of the database upgrade.

Map zoom using a portion of’s sites for the Watershed Watch program.


List of sites tied to a database with user names, associated partners, and ecological site types

Click on sites and query results to produce time series graphs and results.

River Source invites you to invest in community and outfitting the next generation of water protectors with practical, repeatable, and effective tools for creating a more secure water and climate future. All people, organizations and government agencies are invited to contribute.

River Order/Levels of SupportRequest AmountWhat gets created
Arroyo$50One student gets outdoors, becomes watershed wiser
River$200Smartphone for a school to do monitoring and 2 hours of training
Watershed$10,000iPhone/Android App of Database for capture/auto storage of data and data visualization












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