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Spring environmental flows and learning the river’s secrets – northern NM kids get outdoors

We are lucky to get some good press and collaborative support to do the work we do with youth!  This last week the Chama River is getting first ever environmental flows and Carlos and I were lucky to be with Tara and her Escalante Lobos students to learn about geology, water chemistry, aquatic organisms and […]

Youth make their voices heard at the NM Legislature 2014

I’m honored for the past 10 years to assist over 100 youth each year to take charge of their water and climate future by going to the New Mexico legislature to speak to their representatives about what they care about.  This year was different though ~~ I sensed a tangible urgency from students and speakers […]

Arielle Quintana’s lessons learned as a River Source intern with Cochiti Pueblo

Being an intern with River Source this summer has been a very great learning experience. I was given the opportunity to work with so many fascinating individuals who were just as interested and passionate about natural resources as I am. I was able to gain a lot of knowledge from these individuals and even build […]

What I learned working with River Source- Cameron Quintana

My name is Cameron Quintana, I am from the Pueblos of Cochiti and San Felipe. This summer I was involved in a summer internship through an organization run out of Santa Fe, NM called River Source. Upon first entering this internship I had no clear details of what we would be doing other than working […]

What I learned with Cochiti Pueblo-River Source internship by Tamarah Padilla-Mtz

McCune Internship The first week of the internship I had learned a lot. I learned about what types of invertebrates should be in the Rio Grande to determined if the water is good or not. In Santa Ana Pueblo, We found that there were damselflies, dragonflies, mayflies, caddis flies, larvae and more. There are three different […]

From the River to the Page

From the River to the Page by Laura Paskus Hey there, young writers. I’m just stopping by to contradict what most smart and caring adults will say about your career choices. My advice? Follow your heart. And if your heart takes you along rivers and canyons (or even into meeting rooms full of angry-faced men […]

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