Developing Grit and Determination to Keep our Watersheds Clean and Healthy

What is River Source? River source is an organization that works with many people around the state to help keep our watersheds clean enough for us to drink, irrigate, and fish. These internships that River Source runs provide a great learning source for teens who want to know more about where their water comes from […]

Hope Restored, Life Beyond Distance Learning

Hello. My name is Cristian Chacón, and I am a student at Santa Fe High School. In the Summer of 2021, I was lucky enough to be chosen for an internship at River Source, a small company specializing in watershed restoration, education, and research in New Mexico. Our goals for this 2-week Internship were to […]

Unexpected, Everyday Learning and Discovery

Hello my name is Raylynn Herrera. I am 14 years old and currently attending Robertson High School. I was informed about this internship by my dad who works for River Source, I figured why not try it out as I’m not doing much this summer. Even though I worked with my dad in the past […]

Land Restoration in the Upper Santa Fe Watershed

Hello my name is Jose Ramirez, I am a former intern at the Watershed Academy. I would like to start off by thanking the staff at River Source for a great experience and also Future Focused Education for this great opportunity.  On orientation day I felt a bit anxious, but also excited. I knew I […]

My 2021 Santa Fe Watershed Academy Internship

Santa Fe 2021 Watershed Acadmey

Hello! My name is Taylor Nelson, and I’ve lived in Santa Fe all my life. I’ve spent the past two weeks as an intern for River Source. During this time, I learned far more about Santa Fe’s water sources and arroyos than I ever did in all my nine years of school. I was told […]

Abelino Fernandez Leger on finding homes for beavers and leveraging their hard work

In fall of 2020, I worked with Trout Unlimited and Defenders of Wildlife, and River Source – a small company specializing in watershed restoration, education, and research in New Mexico – on a beaver habitat assessment survey in Northern New Mexico. The project goal was to find rivers where beavers could be relocated to and […]

River Conclave with and Congresswoman-elect Teresa Fernandez Leger PLUS Auction!!

An evening of discussion led by MC Abelino and Rich Schrader featuring other special guests About this Event The first-ever virtual River Conclave gathers river, fish, wildlife and wetland lovers across New Mexico to discuss what and how to strive for and achieve increased water security for our rivers and people that rely on them.  […]

My Watershed Academy Internship 2020

By Charlotte Fritz Hi everyone my name is Charlotte and I am a recent intern at River Source. It is the summer of 2020 and we are in the middle of a global pandemic. In my mind this was a perfect time to start a job! The internship was 14 days long and one of […]

Being a Positive Force of Change in our Watershed

By Lauren Clinton Over the course of the Watershed Academy internship, I have become even more aware that “nature” is not just hiking trails, sunsets, and kayaking. It’s the water running in the gutters when it rains, the weeds growing through the cracks in the pavement, and the shrubs growing in the arroyo behind your […]