My Watershed Academy Internship 2020

By Charlotte Fritz Hi everyone my name is Charlotte and I am a recent intern at River Source. It is the summer of 2020 and we are in the middle of a global pandemic. In my mind this was a perfect time to start a job! The internship was 14 days long and one of […]

Water forum TamarahP. Sfis.

Although i was unable to go to the confrence. The one thing that interests me from watching the video was that there are different ways to get rid of all the bacteria and chemicals in things. I found out that you can use earth worms or mushrooms to get rid of the bacteria. This shows […]


All the panelists who participated in the Youth Water Forum 2013 provided me with information not only related to water rights and policies, but efforts of conservation. There are efforts of conserving waste water and filtering out the harmful and toxic chemicals and materials; there are efforts of participating in the legislative part of water […]

Water Forum

Every one of those panelist that participated had a lot to say, they all had very important information to give us. Each question that was asked was a very good question. Each panelist was able to give us knowledge about that subject and give us different answers to each question. Each answer was different but […]

water forum

the water forum that was held on 31st of january had alot of information that they gave us. i had learned alot about water and soil and how and where it is used they said some of the states dont really have water and its hard for farmers to plant or irrigate. panelists said that […]

The panel discussion acknowledged me ,as an individual, with great source and information. The given information from the different questions asked┬áhad answered my thoughts of today’s climate change,┬áto taking pills, and to the end of the calender of December 21, 2012. The discussion not only gave information but inspiration to us, the youth, the generation […]

Thanks for a very insightful forum

My thanks and congratulations to Rich, Carlos, all of the panelists, and all the students who helped make this one of the best forums to date. Mark Ericson