Abelino Fernandez Leger on finding homes for beavers and leveraging their hard work

In fall of 2020, I worked with Trout Unlimited and Defenders of Wildlife, and River Source – a small company specializing in watershed restoration, education, and research in New Mexico – on a beaver habitat assessment survey in Northern New Mexico. The project goal was to find rivers where beavers could be relocated to and […]

Getting Youth Hands Engaged in Soil Health ~ NEW resources for teachers!

The Acequia Agua Fria and River Source partnered with Reunity Resources and the Santa Fe Community Farm to create pathways for Engaging Youth in Soil Health in 2020, pivoting successfully to adapt to the “no new normal” experience of teaching and learning during the COVID pandemic.  Some of the most significant changes to curriculum development […]

My Watershed Academy Internship 2020

By Charlotte Fritz Hi everyone my name is Charlotte and I am a recent intern at River Source. It is the summer of 2020 and we are in the middle of a global pandemic. In my mind this was a perfect time to start a job! The internship was 14 days long and one of […]

Being a Positive Force of Change in our Watershed

By Lauren Clinton Over the course of the Watershed Academy internship, I have become even more aware that “nature” is not just hiking trails, sunsets, and kayaking. It’s the water running in the gutters when it rains, the weeds growing through the cracks in the pavement, and the shrubs growing in the arroyo behind your […]

Once Seen, It Cannot be Unseen: My 2020 Internship at River Source

By Adam Duran Orientation day, a mix of nervousness and excitement overcame our little group. Meeting Rich, Carlos, and David, our mentors, we stood in a large circle and introduced ourselves and shared a bit about who we are. Sweating in the gleaming hot sun, we then marched our way through Frenchy’s field, examining the […]

Bear, Fish, Wood, and Rivers – A Watershed Academy Internship

By Colin Joy George Hello, My name is Colin Joy George, I am 16 years old and live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am a 12th grade student at Santa Fe High School. I am passionate about protecting the environment as I grew up with a mindset that when we take good care of […]

A Wildlife Biologist Inspired: My Internship at River Source

Hello! I am Shay Hoskisson, a Santa Fe High School senior and I worked an internship with River Source in the summer of 2020. Allow me to simply start off by saying that River Source created an amazing opportunity in these troubling times. The way the company operated in response to COVID-19 supported our work […]

The No Title Story: My 2019 Summer Internship

Hey y’all! I’m Natasha Sanchez from Santo Domingo Pueblo. I am a recent graduate from the Santa Fe Indian School, now headed to New Mexico State University this fall to study Environmental Science or something related in the S.T.E.M field.  November of 2018 is when I became acquainted with River Source. My high school hosted […]

How to Measure Streamflow!

See how River Source uses a Stream Flow calculator as a practical and precise way to discover how much water is flowing in your stream.  Measuring streamflow is important for fish, farmers and people who enjoy rivers! Check out our Documents page for more resources to do this type of work yourself! Thanks to the […]