How do we define Land Ethics for Public Lands?

How do you define “Good” and “Personal Responsibility” when it comes to public lands? Thanks to Toner Mitchell’s Truchacabra blog and work with Trout Unlimited… Read on by clicking here or copy this address… Embargo Creek in Rio Grande National Forest, Colorado (photo by Toner Michell). 

River Houses, Avanyu and Living River Flows

I was fortunate to be asked by my wife Carol to host the last stop on the River Houses walking tour last Saturday and see Mario Reynolds break out his raining Avanyu Snake that sound like a storm or a light trickle of precip. Carlos Herrera, Mario Reynolds and poets including Ilan Shamir and the […]

From the River to the Page

From the River to the Page by Laura Paskus Hey there, young writers. I’m just stopping by to contradict what most smart and caring adults will say about your career choices. My advice? Follow your heart. And if your heart takes you along rivers and canyons (or even into meeting rooms full of angry-faced men […]

Thanks for a very insightful forum

My thanks and congratulations to Rich, Carlos, all of the panelists, and all the students who helped make this one of the best forums to date. Mark Ericson

Click here to check out our Youth Blog

Youth will be meeting with representatives on climate and water here to see  their stories…To blog: 1st  login by going the bottom of the front page & clicking on “Student Login”.  2nd, enter the username /password you have from your teacher. Third, click on “Posts” and “Add New”.  Then start blogging!  Click to the right for guidance […]