River Source is partnering with Acequia Agua Fria to write the first-ever Soil Health Curriculum for New Mexico youth this spring. But we need contributions to create on-line versions of the materials and support to deliver the content to more students. We are seeking $3,000 by the May 31, 2020 to cover costs for curriculum development and online delivery. We will use the funds to create online video resources and to more deeply engage our partner Reunity Resources in writing and delivering the curriculum between May and September 2020.

Please donate by using this link or mail a check to River Source at 817 Calle Saragosa, Santa Fe, NM 87505.

We know that soil is the foundation of life and the good function of ecosystems. Soil filters and stores our water, provides crucial nutrients for forests and crops, can store carbon to address climate change and helps regulate the Earth’s temperature. Please help us build the tools to educate New mexico youth about the importance of soil and provide them with the hands-on opportunities to make a positive difference in the health of our Earth!