We work with people of all ages to build community capacity that generates impactful outcomes in watershed resilience. This means we focus not just on school-aged youth, but also inspire, recruit and train adults in the community to assist school teachers, provide mentorship, sustain long-term resilience, and further the use of science, math, biology, and public policy.

While River Source educates people of all ages, we focus our curriculum on students in 6th-12th grade. Since 1997 we have worked with students in public, private, charter and home schools. We consistently tailor the learning experience to match the specific needs of our teachers and students. At the same time we maintain standards for science data quality, educational excellence, and community integrity. We have collaborated with local teachers and nurture a broad network that engaged hundreds of teachers and thousands of students over two decades.

We also strongly encourage students to share their cumulative experience in watershed science by presenting to their communities at River Source-hosted events or events they organize on their own. Here students share scientific findings and management recommendations that positively impact their local watersheds and some of the youth go on to become local watershed superheroes in their own right.

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Our operating philosophy rests on the three pillars of Education, Research, and Community.  Each of these integrates with and supports the others, so that learning and research are part of the community.