H20 Arts from our Watersheds

Carlos and Rich are both musicians and craftsmen and we like to share our crafts, songs and learn those of other people who inspire action to care for land, water, air and our communities.  We share some videos of crafting and making music for inspiration and watershed resilience.

Carlos is a talented basket maker and gets to teach incarcerated youth, Pueblo youth and many others how to do this craft in hands-on workshops.

One of Rich’s favorite water songs by Dire Straits, Water of Love.

Down by the Riverside with Blindboys of Alabama and SPECIAL GUESTS (looks like Mavis Staples, Chrissie Hynes and Michael Franti to me, what musical heaven might look like)

Proud Mary goes rollin’ down the River with Creedence Clearwater Revival

Many Rivers to Cross by Jimmy Cliff (official youtube video)





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