Links to other take action sites: includes activities for students and educators 

Take Action: Food, Water and Energy Nexus- The systems that help produce and bring fresh food and energy as well as clean, abundant water to all of us, are intertwined. Here are just a few things you can do to ensure that our food, water and energy systems operate more efficiently and much more in sync with one another.

Turn On A Light And Do Your Own Revegetation- an activity for students to gain understanding of steps required to provide energy from coal and the steps required by law to reclaim coal mines

Simple actions you can do in your daily life from Action for Nature. This group also provides funding for youth.

US EPA website dedicated to students. Great resource for students and teachers alike includes games, activities, and other great stuff come see!

A site sponsored by the North American Association for Environmental Education that provides EE-related information, activities, and games for students interested in the environment.

Teaching Environmental Issues and the Affective Domain
Provides guidance to teachers and students how to teach and understand environmental issues as well as great examples and activities that be beneficial for your students.

A PBS ZOOM website that’s dedicated to kid’s volunteering to take care of the earth.

Provides links to websites that outline projects for helping the earth.

This website outlines community projects to help our local environments that you can do.

Project Learning Tree provides activities that can aid in increasing students’ knowledge of the natural world.

This website Outlines 21 practical ways that you can help the environment everyday


Earth Times: Energy News provides a broad spectrum of information on the green economy


Help Kids Learn about Home Energy Conservation and ways they can make an impact


Green Tips for a Healthy Planet provides hundreds of green eco tips for creating a healthy planet


At-Home Composting guide


Green America: A good site to learn how to create environmentally sustainable society