Problem Solving in the Upper Chama SWCD

Hello, my name is Robert Esquibel. I go to school at Pecos Connections Academy and I’m in 9th grade. I worked for the Upper Chama Soil and Water Conservation District and River Source this summer. They took us to a lot of different places, taught us about plants and we learned how to identify them. And how to solve the problem they many noxious weeds have caused. I also learned how to fly a drone, how to survey the land and how to identify different species of noxious weeds.

The contributions I made for this company were surveying new lands, which takes time and effort. The projects I included making way points and surveying an area of land. I benefited from this experience through all of the things I’ve learned.

This workplace culture was a little different from my home culture because of being in a different place. I observed a lot of them talk with respect and dressing professionally. I was treated with respect and as a coworker. I think it affected me in a positive way. We got to do all of our work in person, which was great.

Some skills I believe I’ve achieved include drone flying. My mentors were supportive of me and very helpful. I know that I’ve learned more and more each day.

I was very well challenged by learning new and hard things each day. I solved and overcame problems by finding out what caused it and then looking to how to solve it. The support from the staff was very helpful. They taught and showed me new and responsible ways to problem solve each and every day.

This internship showed me how to problem solve and be helpful to my environment. And how to interpret and solve difficult problems. I enjoyed rafting, exploring, creating new friendships and developing new skills that I’ll need in the future. Thank you River Source, for this opportunity.