River Source creates collaborative tools and events to leverage the work of multiple groups  to have greater effect.  We found several years ago that we were working in the same school districts doing similar work as other education groups but with different grades — but WE DIDN’T REALIZE IT!

The realization changed how we do our work.  We formed collaborative working groups such as the Watershed Education Network which built relationships between groups doing environmental educator that still have an impact to this day.  We also hosted several events over the past ten years including the Watershed Forum 2008 and Watershed Forum 2010.  Both of which offered statewide gatherings and field trips to harness the strength & wisdom of over 300 watershed scientists, government agencies and restoration workers to improve our work.

watershedwiser screenshotWe have also created collaborative tools such as Watershedwiser.org to provide a ecological data sharing tool for citizen scientists.