Watershed Community Science (Watershed Watch) increases understanding of water quality, river ecology and fisheries health through hands-on science in a real-world context.  Youth gather data on biological, chemical and physical indicators and make presentations to local data users including acequias, school boards, federal agencies and watershed groups.  Students become engaged in watershed studies that go beyond classroom learning that address critical water issues.

The core of our education work is to nurture the next generation of watershed superheroes through community-based green team development approaches that are rooted in experience and traditional knowledge, in partnership with people living in the diverse cultures of New Mexico.  We are now offering our Watershed Community Science curricula free for students Learn.Riversource.net.  Teachers also have free access as we beta test the train the trainer the Watershed Science for Teacher/Trainer curriculum.  We also work with community volunteers with the Adult Nurturers of Watershed Superheroes to create a cadre capable of assisting school and after-school programs with helpers to deliver watershed science experiences to youth across landscapes.  

Events (both Upcoming & Recent)

Watershed Congress

This is a day long event held at Coronado Historical Monument on the Rio Grande provide teachers and students an opportunity to meet with other schools from around the state and provides a stage in which to report the data they collect throughout the year.

W Congress small

Click here to link to Watershed Congress page

Click here to see our Earth Day 2014 event on the Chama River with Escalante Lobos — read the Rio Grande Sun article!

Check out this great River Data Interpretation worksheet by clicking here

Key Resources/Downloads  for Watershed Watch – click here to download

Programs for adult stewards can also be tailored to specific interests and site conditions in New Mexico.  For a information and cost estimate please contact .

Funding for the New Mexico Watershed Watch program is provided by:

LQsportfishlogoNew Mexico Department of Game and Fish and the Federal Sport Fish Restoration Program, Lineberry Foundation, Chamiza Foundation, Truchas Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation, the Santa Fe Community Foundation, and the NM Office of Outdoor Recreation and many other donors have provided funding over the past two decades