Youth for a Safe Water & Climate Future amplifies the voices of youth in watershed and energy policy issues since 2003.  Improving public speaking skills, story-telling abilities, and persuasive ways to turn any reliable data into information is learned and practiced in order to do presentations. Students learn to write persuasive letters, send factually based emails, create social posts to advocate for changes in their communities and the state. Creating civic pathways for them to employ their desire for action inspires youth to continue this work. They are validated and inspired to see the how their voices have an impact for laws related to protecting water and addressing the climate crisis. And they also see how they can reveal to others not just what climate change is doing to the New Mexico, but ways to do something about it!

We bring over 150 youth each year to the New Mexico Legislature to speak about issues they care about, including securing a safe water and climate future and would like to double that in 3-5 years. Many more students also make presentations in their local communities or at a Watershed Congress at the end of the school year.

Teachers, we ask your students to:

  1. Prepare 2 or 3 questions to ask policy makers at the 10-12am forum on January 31st on water, energy and environmental issues.
  2. Find who are their local Senate and House representatives, how to reach them by phone, email and their office locations in the legislature.
  3. Research what bills their representatives have introduced and/or sponsored (signed on to an already introduced bill) both related to water and not related to water.
  4. Write a letter to their representatives on a water issue or any other issue the youth care about.  The letter can address:

We suggest all teachers contact your representatives and/or their staff personally to let them know that you are coming.  You may ask your legislator to meet with them to ask questions of them directly during the afternoon of February 10 – this can be very exciting for the students.   All teachers that have requested meetings in the past have been received by their legislators for at least a brief talk with students.

Finding your legislator and researching legislation (click here)

Guidance for writing letters (click here)

Click here to see HOT Legislation for 2018

Click here to see Hot Legislation for 2017 – a summary of current bills being considered at the Roundhouse (click here)! 

Click here to see Hot Legislation from the 2015 session!!

Click here on some of the bills addressing water, watershed restoration and energy issues for 2014


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