River Source creates collaborative tools for community science and helps people collaboratively develop systems for gathering and organizing quality assured data. Using Mappler digital technology, we offer data visualization, interpretation, and educational training for youth and adults to create meaningful ways to communicate the conditions, trends, and effectiveness restoration techniques for natural resource management.  

Equipment loan programs for teachers and students include unlocked/wifi-only cell phones for georeferenced data collection, colorimeters, infiltrometers and much more.  We also amplify the voices of community scientists across landscapes to make grassroot voices heard at the New Mexico State Legislature.  

To see the results of 26 years of fisheries health data generated by students, teachers, and adult volunteers in critical watersheds across the state of New Mexico go to http://immappler.com/riversource/.  Dr. Wansoo Im provides the watershed health data tracking service along with our soon-to-be-released Engaging in Soil Health Database.  We also partner with Stephen Guerin, inventor of the SimTable and data visualizer extraordinaire.  

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Our operating philosophy rests on the three pillars of Education, Research, and Community. Each of these integrates with and supports the others, so that learning and research are part of the community.