Advisory Group

slide2Kristina Gray Fisher.  Think New Mexico, Associate Director.  Kristina is a graduate of Santa Fe Prep School where she participated in the New Mexico Watershed Watch and Project del Rio monitoring programs.  She has law degree from the University of New Mexico with a focus in environmental law.  She has received the Harry S. Truman Scholarship for Leadership and Public Service and a Morris K. Udall Scholarship for Excellence in Environmental Studies.

Dr. Bill Fleming.  UNM Community and Regional Planning Program professor (Retired as full professor) with a focus on watershed science and planning.  Bill has been a friend, mentor, and advisor for Rich Schrader since 1994.  He taught natural resources planning at UNM with a focus on community-based solutions and now spends time conveying his profound wisdom to his amazing grandchildren among other people.

Dr. Jerry Jacobi,  Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science and Management, New Mexico Highlands University.  Jerry consults on aquatic macroinvertebrate sampling, identification and data analysis.  He has discovered at least one species of stoneflies that is new to science.

David Coss, Mayor of Santa Fe from 2006-2014.  As Mayor he sponsored the Living River Ordinance which by law requires that the Santa Fe River have some instream flow.  As City Councilor he co-sponsored the Santa Fe Living Wage Ordinance.  He has served as director of the New Mexico Environmental Protection Division and environmental scientist for the NM Environment Department and City Manager for the City of Santa Fe.

Kai-t Bluesky, Wildlife Biologist and teacher at Santa Fe Indian School.  Kai-t cares about connecting tribal youth with cultural ecology and natural resource science.  His work has led to improvements in forest, riparian, and wildlife habitat conditions in tribal communities.

Dr. Frances Ortega is a mentor, professor, and native Santa Feña that has worked in environmental justice, young adult mentoring, and agriculture for more than 2 decades.  

Ty McCormick-Middleton teaches wildlife science, sustainability and watershed science at Monte del Sol Charter School, loves being outdoors hunting, hiking and spending time with her friends and family.  


Rich Schrader directs River Source.

Carlos Herrera is the Director of Operations at River Source.

David Fay is the Communications Associate at River Source.