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May 6-8, 2013, Santa Fe New Mexico at the New Mexico State Library
A workshop by Stream Dynamics Inc.

Stream Dynamics invites you to a 2 ½ day training workshop to familiarize engineers and maintenance staff of NMDOT about project practices and construction specifications for successful stream and riparian restoration. We will demonstrate that highway construction projects have the potential to not only “do no harm” but even to improve the health of the watercourse. The workshop will highlight the specific project challenges to integrating public highway infrastructure maintenance with successful stream and riparian restoration techniques.

Presenters: Van Clothier, Stream Dynamics Inc., Alan Haden, Natural Channel Design Inc., Steve Vrooman, Keystone Restoration Ecology Inc., and Rich Schrader of River Source.

Day 1:
8 am -12 am, Classroom Session: introduction to natural channel design, stream channel morphology, Rosgen classification of channels, watershed hydrology, and sediment transport.

12 am – 4:30 pm, Field session: in-stream structures, bio engineering, the role of riparian vegetation, wetland delineation, and survey techniques.

The class will take a bus tour to Cañoncito in Apache Canyon to visit several successful restoration projects implemented on the Eldorado Community Association’s Wilderness Preserve. Simple surveying techniques for monitoring project success will be introduced and a tour of the watershed will be given in order to teach techniques for “Reading the Landscape”.

Day 2:
8 am – 12 am, Classroom Session: water harvesting principles, induced meandering structures, and treatment of common transportation maintenance issues.

The class will be introduced to the principles of passive water harvesting and watershed restoration. A presentation will be given on the types of structures used in natural channel design and their construction techniques. A round-table discussion will walk through some common construction and maintenance issues that are confronted by the DOT and a cost-benefit analysis will be performed in-class to analyze treatment options.

12 am – 4:30 pm, Field session on Highway 14 road crossings, including culverts, wetlands and bridges.

The class will take a bus tour down Highway 14 to Cerrillos, New Mexico in order to study drainage treatments along the newly re-built highway.

Day 3:

8 am -1 pm, Field visit to Valles Caldera Preserve to study fire effects on the watershed, stream crossing designs, and low-standard road construction.

This ½ field day will involve a tour to the Valles Caldera National Preserve to study first-hand the effects of wildfire on transportation infrastructure and watershed healthy. A number of restoration projects constructed by Stream Dynamics and KRE will be presented as examples of natural channel design.

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