Water Forum

Every one of those panelist that participated had a lot to say, they all had very important information to give us. Each question that was asked was a very good question. Each panelist was able to give us knowledge about that subject and give us different answers to each question. Each answer was different but they were all good answers. The one thing that interests me the most was that there are different ways to get rid of all the bacteria and chemicals in things. I found out that you can use earth worms or mushrooms to get rid of the bacteria. This shows that there are ways to help and start getting rid of all these things. Most of the ways to do these things is use other products from the earth, these are natural ways. As Miguel Santistevan said that “we native Americans have been able to live so long before the white men have arrived.” We were able to do this because of mother earth. We used all natural resources. Us as Native Americans grew our own food source and our own medicine. Medicine was all over for us, we could go out into the wilderness and find different plants and plant species and bring them back to our villages and use the as medicine. Our mother earth is a huge source for us native Americans, it still is but most people don’t see as people used to. Now a day’s people depend more on store bought things to live off of when they could be growing most of their food. By growing their food it will be healthier and help them out in the long run. As Miguel Santistevan said “if it comes in a box, a bag or a can it’s probably not good for u.” Mother earth and all its wildlife is like a teacher to us. If we start paying attention we will learn about different things and we will be able to live a better and healthier life. We need to learn to have more respect for mother earth because almost everything starts from the earth, it just so happens that people are wanting to modify or improve so many things but really they are just hurting us and everyone. The food they modify may taste good or look good but it’s not good for u. there are whole, natural foods that look and taste good to and that are healthy for you. All this leads to the drought and pollution of water. While the people that are trying to modify or make things better they let off chemicals which messes with our water or mother causing the droughts and loss of rivers. If we learn the importance of everything that mother has to give us and use it in the correct way we will be able to help and make a better life for everyone.