water forum

the water forum that was held on 31st of january had alot of information that they gave us. i had learned alot about water and soil and how and where it is used they said some of the states dont really have water and its hard for farmers to plant or irrigate. panelists said that our water supply is going and we have to save water and alot of it because it is important to our people and also crops that provides food for us. mr. santistevan also said that its better to grow our food then to buy it in a can,bag, and other things because all the chemicals that are in there it will damage health and also kids. all of the panelists said that not to pollute the ground and water and itrs a bad thing to many crops and plants they also said rainwater is also polluted with acid and all and when you boil it it can kill most of there bad things that are in the water and it can be good to use when after it is boiled. there was alot of things that i learned and how we can use water and how to supply alot of it and how this can be good in many states. the thing that i like about the meeting was there was alot of good ideas and water complements.
Orion Gachupin