Paid Watershed Management & Restoration Internship Summer 2023

River Source is hiring for a paid internship opportunity in watershed management and ecological restoration. This position is open to 15-25 young adults for crew members and a crew leader.

Crew members: High school students in 9-12 grade, or students aged 15 – 18 or recent graduates with an interest in natural resources, environmental management, and/or water and watersheds.

Crew leader: Young adults who are 19-25 years old with experience working in teams and passion for water, watersheds, natural resources, and being a leader.

Crew Supervisors:  Adults over 25 years old work with youth crew members in doing watershed assessment and ecological restoration for improving water and wildlife health including mapping, assessing land health, and providing mentoring. 

All positions are PAID (see pay rates below) and sponsored by River Source and Partners in Education Foundation, starting at different dates and going for approximately 160 hours of work.  

Activities may focus on:
● Collecting natural resource data using global positioning systems (GPS) and assessing potential locations for watershed restoration work;
● Learning and applying biological monitoring, stream ecology, and fluvial geomorphology for assessing the effectiveness of environmental management practices;
● Conducting ecological assessments in riparian areas;
● Building erosion control practices to improve soil moisture, vegetation, and wildlife habitat;

Crew member pay: $15 per hour.
Crew leader pay: $20 per hour.

Crew supervisor pay: $25 per hour depending on experience 

Internship period & supervision: The work will occur on Monday-Friday schedule from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm for most weeks, but on some we may work longer days and only work 4 days per week. Internships will likely start and end:

 ~  El Rito –  crew starts June 5-June 30
 ~ Pecos –  crew starts June 5-June 30
 ~ Peñasco – crew starts June 12 – July 7
 ~ Las Vegas/Mora – crew starts July 5 – August 2

 ~ Santa Fe – June 26 – July 21

To apply as a crew member click here

To apply for the crew leader position (age 19-25 years old) click here

To apply as a crew supervisor (in Peñasco) click here